Kherson Tel.: +38 (0552) 41-70-70   Kiev Tel.: +38 (044) 484-02-75

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Values and strategy Company "Group" Sodruzhestvo ".

Our values are:

  • Reliability: We are honest - we can not afford it.
  • Stability: Reputation and partners - more important than fast money.
  • Prosperity: We do not believe in miracles - we believe in ourselves.


  • Managing for maximum growth of the surplus value of Concern and achieve leadership in the industries of presence.
  • The development strategy includes:
  • increase the value of assets through their extensive modernization;
  • successful mergers and acquisitions for synergies, including cross-sectoral;
  • effective monitoring and identifying the most promising markets: both geographically and industry;
  • expansion into new growth markets, "growing" new successful businesses.
  • The strategy is implemented by increasing the internal capacity of key business areas and selective investment in new activities.