Kherson Tel.: +38 (0552) 41-70-70   Kiev Tel.: +38 (044) 484-02-75

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     Agriculture of the region specializes in growing quality food grains wheat, corn, rice, sunflower and melons: watermelons and tomatoes. Due to favorable climatic conditions in the region developed horticulture, viticulture and livestock meat and dairy.
Kherson region has considerable potential for agricultural production, with large areas of agricultural land with fertile soil (1968.4 thousand hectares, including 1770 hectares of arable land) and with a substantial sum of effective temperatures. This creates the necessary natural conditions for the production of large amounts of crop and livestock production.
    Kherson region - an important area for growing quality food grains wheat, corn, rice, sunflower.
The region has large areas of irrigated land that can grow melons. An excellent reputation throughout Ukraine are Kherson watermelons, tomatoes and grapes.
    Top producers of agricultural products of Kherson are high and stable yields of winter wheat of 50-60 kg / ha of marketable sunflower seeds to 25-30 kg / ha, in tomatoes 800-1000 kg / ha of watermelons by 250-300 kg / ha.
    A well-developed processing industry to the processing of manufactured products directly in the field, thereby reducing the cost of its transportation and preventing the outflow of income in other regions.
    The favorable geographical position, the relative proximity of the important markets of the CIS and the Middle East allows the Kherson region to export large amounts of agricultural production. Potentially, the area has the opportunity to grow annually at least 2 million tons of food grains, vegetables and melons production of 1 million tons, 35 tons of rice, 100 tons of fruit, 50 tons of grapes and many other products.
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